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by on Sep 24th, 2011

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Environmental Illness/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Petitions
Position Statement: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Italian Petition for recognition of Multiple Chemcial Sensitivity (includes English translation)
Dirty Air Acts in Congress: Brought to you by big, corporate polluters (US only)
Take action for smarter regulation of chemicals in cosmetics

Fibromyalgia Advocacy
Faces of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Petitions
Make Doctors More Aware of Fibromyalgia

Gulf War Syndrome Advocacy
Gulf War 1990/91 Justice, Fair Treatment and Appropriate Testing for the remaining Veterans

Lupus Advocacy
Be an online Lupus advocate: sign up to become an e-Advocate and receive periodic updates, and action alerts when your efforts can make a difference

Lyme Disease Petitions
Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Disease
UK Lyme Petition

ME/CFS Advocacy
Doctors Need to Know
ME/CFS Awareness Day Video PSA Contest

ME/CFS Petitions
To make closed information about ME and CFS freely available
Justice for CFS/ME sufferers
CDC CFS research should not involve the empirical definition (2005)
A Call for Action: The Recognition of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis as a Serious and Debilitating Disease
Petition to disassociate from CFIDS Association of America as our advocacy representative
AYME does not represent the ME community and its actions have now become harmful to ME sufferers
AYME – Denounce PACE and SMILE
Keep the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Program Open

Neuro-Immune Advocacy
COUNT ME IN! (monthly WPI fundraiser)

Neuro-Immune Petitions
Join in asking U.S. Secretary of Health to meet with P.A.N.D.O.R.A. & to provide funding for the NEI Center.
Dutch Petition for Recognition and Research for Neuro-Immune Illnesses

XMRV Advocacy
Art 4 XMRV (all profits go to WPI)

XMRV Petitions
For XMRV Awareness and Free Blood Test
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, retract your statement on XMRV!
Petition to Demand XMRV Tests in Spain (Spanish Citizens Only)
Public Money to Investigate the XMRV in CFS, Prostate and Breast Cancer
The Citizens of Australia ask the Government For XMRV Testing & Treatments To Be Made Available In Australia (You need to print this one out, sign it & post it)
Direct link to petition pdf

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